Why WordPress.com is Cool

There are so many reasons why WordPress is cool and why we love it that this page won’t be able to list all of them. So I’ll try as hard as possible.

1. WordPress has an easy to use dashboard.

2. Although it needs some adjusting to, it’s very advanced.

3. The WordPress Automattic team is awesome.

4. WordPress has so many themes.

5. And widgets.

6. And features.

7. WordPress blogs look totally cool.

8. WordPress is such a cool name.

9. It’s free!

10. You can create as many pages as you like.

11. Heck, you can even create as many blogs as you like!

12. WordPress is just cool.

13. New features are added every week.

You have more reasons? Comment below this page with your reasons and I’ll add them if they’re good!


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